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Los Crudos

"Los Crudos" was a hardcore punk band, prominent during the 1990´s.

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, all four members of the band were Latino, and thus they chose to sing almost all of their songs in Spanish. In addition, the band was extremely political; its lyrics often commenting on cultural and socio-economic difficulties inherent in the American way of life.

Los Crudos incorporated DIY ethics into every aspect of the band including promoting and organizing shows, producing records, distribution, and so on. This even included tours of Mexico and South America. The bands' recordings appeared on independent record labels such as Flat Earth Records and lead singer Martin Sorrondeguy's label Legua Armada Discos.

In 2004, Martin Sorrondeguy released his documentary film ''Beyond The Screams: A U.S. Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary'', which focussed on the Latino punk scene in the U.S. After Los Crudos came to an end, Sorrondeguy formed a new band, Limp Wrist, which he performs with. He has also in the bands Harto and Tragatelo, as well.


*7" split with Huasipungo

*7" split with Mannumission

*7" split with MK Ultra

*7" ''La Rabia Nubla Nuestros Ojos...

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