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Los Fastidios

"Los Fastidios" is an Italian street punk band. It was formed in Verona in 1991, however only one of the original band members remain. Songs of Los Fastidios deal with common life situations, as well as promoting equality, socialism and fight against discrimination. The band is often identified with the SHARP movement.

As of 2005 the band members are:

*Enrico (vocals)

*Paolino (guitar and vocals)

*Denni (guitar and vocals)

*Alvise (bass guitar and vocals)

*Giacomo "La Zia" (drums and vocals)

*''Birra, oi! e divertimento'' (Skooter Rekords, 1994)

*''Banana e scarponi'' (Skooter Rekords, 1995)

*''Hasta la baldoria'' (Skooter Rekords, 1996)

*''Oi! Gio'' (Skooter Rekords, 1997)

*''Contiarno su di voi!'' (KOB Records, 1998)

*''Radio boots'' (KOB Records, 2000)

*''Fetter Skinhead'' (KOB Records, 2000)

*''1991 - 2001 Ten years tattooed on my heart'' (KOB Records, 2001)

*''Guardo Avanti'' (KOB Records, 2001)

*''Ora Basta'' (KOB Records, 2003)

*''La verdadera fuerza de la calle'' (Amp Records Buenos Aires, 2003)

*''Prawdziwa sila ulicy'' (Jimmy Jazz Records Poland, 2003)

*''Siempre Contra'' (KOB Records, 2004)


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