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Los Prisioneros

Los Prisioneros was a Rock en Español band from San Miguel, Chile formed in 1982. They began as a very influential local band during the early 1980s, and once signed to EMI they reached mainstream success all over South America. They were known for their very outspoken lyrics about Chile's government and social commentary in their lyrics. Besides their lyrics, their music was also known for being different from the popular artists of that time.

Current and final line up until their dissolution:

*Jorge González - Guitar/Lead Vocals *Miguel Tapia - Drums/Background Vocals *Sergio "Coti" Badilla - Synthesizer/Programs/Guitar Bass


*Jorge Gonzalez - Guitar/Lead Vocals/Synthesizer *Miguel Tapia - Drums/Background Vocals *Cecilia Aguayo - Synthesizers/Background Vocals *Robert Rodríguez - Bass/Synthesizer

Original 1980's/Reunion 2001-2003

*Jorge Gonzalez - Bass/Lead Vocals/Synthesizers *Miguel Tapia - Drums/Background Vocals *Claudio Narea - Guitar/Chorus Vocals/Synthesizers

Los Prisioneros started when Jorge González (...

years active 1979 - 1992
2001 - 2006
origin San Miguel (municipality)
country Chile
music genre rock music
current members Jorge González (musician)
past members Claudio Narea
Cecilia Aguayo
Robert Rodriguez (Los Prisioneros)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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