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Los Tres

"Los Tres" ("The three"...) is an eclectic music band composed in reality by four, not three, members: a rock/pop singer and 3 jazzmen. It was one of the most famous, successful and important bands in the Chilean nineties, together with La ley and Lucybell.

Los tres recorded 9 albums during their first period, from 1982 until 2000, starting with Los Tres: a jazz/folk/rock blending, in 1991. The band dissolved in 2000 and its members continued their musical careers in personal projects, during the following five years.

In February 2006 Alvaro Henríquez, Ángel Parra, and Roberto Lindl announced the reunion of the band without former drummer Francisco Molina and the recording of a new album to be published later that year.

During the nineties, massive commercial entertainment (and it must be annotated, only bits of culture and art) rised immensely, after that most "left sided" or anti-militar cultural expressions were repressed for almost 20 years. In this context came Los tres whose work is based, in contrast to most rock/pop groups from this era, on the folk and popular music of Chile blended with rock and jazz. The members featured an attitude not fond of ...

Alias Los Dick Stones
Origin Concepción, Chile
Instrument Guitar, Bass, Double bass, Drums
Genre Rock music
Years active 1982 - 2000, 2006 - present
Associated acts Angel Parra Trío
Los Titulares
Los Petinellis
website Official site
Current members Alvaro Henríquez
Angel Parra (son)
Past members Francisco Molina
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source: Wikipedia