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Love and Rockets

"Love and Rockets" were formed in 1985 by Bauhaus alumni Daniel Ash (guitars, saxophone, and vocals), David J (bass and vocals) and Kevin Haskins (drums, synthesizers) after Peter Murphy was not interested in reforming Bauhaus. Ash and Haskins had recorded and performed in the band Tones on Tail in the interim.

Despite their previous band's goth status, Love and Rockets moved away from that genre, as demonstrated by their first minor hit being a cover of the Motown classic "Ball of Confusion," though the genesis of that song is unsurprisingly quite disguised. Their first album release, ''Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven'' (1985), leaned more towards psychedelic music and hair metal which was very popular at that time. Their second release, ''Express'' (1986), continued in that vein. It included the dance hit "Yin and Yang (the Flowerpot Man)." The 1987 follow up ''Earth, Sun, Moon'' had a folkier sound and spawned the minor hit "No New Tale to Tell."

In 1989 the band released a self-titled album that presented a more AOR sound. The second single from the album was the Lou Reed-inspired song "So Alive." It became a surprise hit, reaching No. 3 on the American singles ch...

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