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"Lucybell" is a Chilean rock band formed by four students from the Universidad de Chile's Faculty of Art in 1991. The original four members were:

* Francisco González: drums, bass, percussion, keyboards (1991-2005)

* Marcelo Muñoz: bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards (1991-2000)

* Claudio Valenzuela: lead voice and composer, electric guitar (1991-)

* Gabriel Vigliensoni: keyboards (1991-2000)

Marcelo Muñoz and Gabriel Vigliesoni left the band shortly before the recording of the album ''Amanece'' in early 2000. Eduardo Caces (bass) joined shortly after, becoming a permanent member of the band ever since. Francisco Gonzalez then left in 2005, leading to the immediate arrival of Cote Foncea (drums), of the now defunct Chilean rock band Dracma. The group, currently comprised of Valenzuela, Caces and Foncea, recently signed with Warner Mexico and released their most recent work, "Comiendo Fuego".

# ''Peces'' (1995)

# ''Viajar'' (1996)

# ''Lucybell'' (1998)

# ''Amanece'' (2000)

# ''Sesión Futura'' (2001) (live)

# ''Sálvame la Vida'' (2003) (EP)

# ''Lúmina'' (2004)

# ''Comiendo Fuego'' (2006)

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