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Luka Bloom

"Luka Bloom" (born 23 May 1955 as "Barry Moore") is an accomplished Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter. He is also the younger brother of Irish folk singer Christy Moore.

In order to avoid the pressure of being related to Christy Moore, Bloom adopted his pseudonym. "Luka" is taken from the title of Suzanne Vega's song "Luka" about child abuse and "Bloom" refers to the main character in James Joyce's ''Ulysses''. Bloom is, however, very forthcoming about being Moore's brother and does not hide behind his stage name.

Luka Bloom's style of guitar playing is very distinctive and is generally referred to as "electro-acoustic". In his early career as Barry Moore, Bloom used a fingerpicking style. However, tendonitis in his hands forced him to adopt a strumming style which is the one he still uses and is often credited with his success.

He began his career in the United States playing small clubs in Washington DC and later in New York City. He was a frequent performer at the Lion's Den in New York's Greeewich Village, a center for American folk music in the early Sixties. He toured America frequently through the Nineties, although his contemporary touring schedules take hi...

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