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Machine Head

"Machine Head" is a Heavy Metal/Groove Metal band, formed in 1992 in Oakland, California.

Machine Head was founded in 1992 by former Vio-lence guitarist Robert Flynn and Adam Duce. Their first album, ''Burn My Eyes'' (1994), is widely acclaimed to be as pivotal to heavy metal as Slayer's ''Reign in Blood'' and Metallica's ''Master of Puppets''. The first song on the album, "Davidian", features the lyric "Let freedom ring / with a shotgun blast". Subsequently the video was banned from MTV due to its release date being very soon after the Waco Siege which it was apparently describing.

After Chris Kontos left to work with Testament, the drumming services of Dave McClain were acquired. They then released the followup album, ''The More Things Change'' in 1997, after which guitarist Logan Mader unexpectedly left in the spring of 1998. He was then replaced by Ahrue Luster (Now of Ill NiƱo) who worked with the band on the third album ''The Burning Red'' (1999). This album was a sign of a change for Machine Head, the band deciding to experiment more rather than release another album that would be seen as just a shadow in the footsteps of ''Burn My Eyes''. Robb uses his rapping...

years active 1992 – present
music genre Groove metal
Heavy Metal
origin Oakland, California, USA
current members Robb Flynn
Adam Duce
Phil Demmel
Dave McClain
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia