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Mad Capsule Markets

"The Mad Capsule Markets" are a Japanese rock band that formed in 1985. While in high school, Kyono and former guitarist Shin (Kojima Minoru) set up the band Berrie (a tribute to their idols BO├śWY, a very popular Japanese punk group in the 1980s). One year later the two were joined by bassist Takeshi Ueda and Drummer Seto. Shortly after the quartet started entering Battle Of The Bands competitions and released the demo EP ''POISON REVOLUTION''.

In 1990, after opening for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and a replacing drummer Seto with Motokatsu, they changed their name to The Mad Capsule Markets. During this year they released their debut album, ''Humanity'', which after its completion saw the departure of band member Shin, who was replaced with Berrie roadie, Ishigaki Ai.

The release of their second album, ''P-O-P'', in 1991 saw the band take some style changes, sporting a more punk look including leather jackets, mohicans and studs. The following two albums, ''Capsule Soup'' and ''Speak!!!'', saw the continued evolution of their style and sound. ''Capsule Soup'' including a cover of Bach's Fugue for organ in G minor, and saw the introduction of various sampli...

years active 1985 – 1990 (as Berrie)
1990 – 2006
2006 – present (on hiatus)
status Disbanded
country Yokohama,Japan
music genre Punk rock
current members Hiroshi Kyono
Takeshi Ueda
Motokatsu Miygami
past members Minoru Kojima
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia