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"Madredeus" (pron. IPA //) is a Portuguese band. Their music combines fado influences with modern folk music.

The band's founding members were Pedro Ayres Magalhães (Classical guitar), Rodrigo Leão (keyboard synthesizer), Francisco Ribeiro (cello) and Teresa Salgueiro (vocals). Magalhães and Leão formed the band in 1985, Ribeiro joined in 1986. They'd been searching for a female singer, and found Teresa Salgueiro in one of Lisbon's night clubs. Teresa liked their music and agreed to join, so in 1987 Madredeus recorded their first album, ''Os dias da Madredeus''.

The first album was recorded in their rehearsal space, a dissused abbey in Lisbon. The recording was especially strenuous due to deafening interuptions every 5 minutes from Lisbon's tram service, which ran directly above. In honour of this unavoidable presence in their every performance, they named themselves after the line's nearby terminus, ''Madre de Deus'' (Mother of God), shortened to the vernacular ''Madredeus''.

In 1993, Pedro Ayres Magalhães left the band temporarily and was replaced in live concerts by José Peixoto (Classical guitar). Magalhães rejoined the group later, making it a sextet with...

years active 1985–present
status Active
music genre Portuguese music
current members Teresa Salgueiro
Pedro Ayres Magalhães
Fernando Júdice
José Peixoto
Carlos Maria Trindade
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source: Wikipedia