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Mando Diao

"Mando Diao" are a garage rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. According to the band, the name ''Mando Diao'' has no meaning at all, but rather appeared to band member Björn Dixgård in a dream.

The roots of Mando Diao date back to 1995 when Björn Dixgård was a member of a band called Butler. Band members came and went and four years later the rest of the current line-up decided to take that project more seriously. Björn Dixgård and Gustaf Norén locked themselves up in a summer house and spent six months writing songs. The now-renamed band made their first public performances in the clubs of their hometown Borlänge in 1999. A local writer described them in an article as the best unsigned band he had ever seen. This was soon followed by a record deal with EMI Sweden. In 2002 their first album ''Bring 'Em In'' was released in Sweden. It contains early demo versions of their songs, partly recorded in the basement of keyboardist Daniel Haglund who left the band later in 2003. In 2003 the album was released internationally, along with their debut single "Sheepdog." As of 2004, the band is hailed enthusiastically by the music press as one of the most sanguine newcomer bands of ...

years active 1995 - Present
origin Borlänge
country Sweden
music genre Garage rock
current members Gustaf Norén
Björn Dixgård
Carl-Johan Fogelklou
Samuel Giers
Mats Björke
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia