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Manilla Road

"Manilla Road" is an epic heavy metal band from Wichita, Kansas, forming around its lead singer Mark 'the Shark' Shelton (vocals and guitar).

The band was created by Shelton in 1977 with high school friends Rick Fisher and Scott Parks. Their first album ''Invasion'' was released in 1980 on the band's own label, Roadster Records. Between this time and their next release the band recorded material for an album to be titled ''The Dreams Of Eschaton'', however this was not released until 2002 (under the name ''Mark of the Beast'') as they were not happy with the sound. Shelton has been quoted as saying the music was "not metal enough" and "sounded like shit." Despite this ''Mark of the Beast'' was critically well received when it was eventually released. These early albums have more in common with progressive rock and proto-heavy metal than the band's later epic metal sound.

The next record was ''Metal'', which began to define the future musical direction of Manilla Road.

Their subsequent albums ''Crystal Logic'', ''Open the Gates'' and ''The Deluge'' are generally considered to be classics in the field of epic heavy metal. It was during this period that Manilla Road's ...

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