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Marc Terenzi

"Marc Eric Terenzi" (* 27 June 1978 in Natick, Massachusetts) he is a American pop singer formerly of the boyband "Natural". He is married to German pop singer Sarah Connor. They have a son named ''Tyler'' and a daughter named ''Summer''. Together with his wife and children he lives in Wildeshausen, Germany.

Marc Terenzi grew up in Natick, Massachusetts to Italian American parents Peter and Antoniette.At the age of 3 his grandmother began training him at her dance studio. At the age of 7 he learned how to play piano at his mother's church by teaching himself. He also learned to play the guitar himself after his father gave him a guitar for Christmas.

At the age of 12 he began to act and host on a Boston based TV show called 'Studio A.T.V.'.

Determined as ever Marc moved to Florida with a friend and very little money just believing 'someday things would work out'. They soon did.

There are many publicity stories but the most likely one is that in 1999 Marc met a man named Patrick King at a party. Marc was good friends with a musician named Ben Bledsoe and Patrick was friends with a dancer named Michael Johnson. After much talk the men decided to create a boy ...

years active 2005-present
origin Natick, Massachusetts
country USA
music genre Pop Rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia