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"Marcel" can refer to:

* A hairstyle. The word's origin is with French hairdresser Fran├žois Marcel Grateau (1852-1936) who developed the hairstyle in the 1920s by using a heated curling iron to create deep, regular waves. In more recent times the term's use has expanded to describe the natural coats of some wavy-haired dogs.

*A novel by Erwin Mortier.

*Gabriel Marcel.

*The Belgian socio-artistic collective "Marcel" set up by some young artists whose work is presented on Marcelnet.

*Marriage celibacy.

*A world renowned mime artist Marcel Marceau

*A style of potato chip. The Ballreich Brothers' potato chip, introduced in 1920, was cut with a corrugated blade. Because it resembled the "marcelled" look then popular in hair fashion, the term was used to describe their chips. Although the term has been trademarked by the Tiffin, Ohio company, the term has been used by other companies, including Jones Potato Ch

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