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Marianne Rosenberg

Marianne Rosenberg

"Marianne Rosenberg" (b. March 10, 1955 Berlin) is a German Schlager music singer.

She is the fifth of seven children by Auschwitz survivor Otto Rosenberg and recorded her first song, ''Mister Paul McCartney'', after winning a talent contenst at age fourteen.

Her hits include ''Fremder Mann'', ''Er gehört zu mir'' (recorded in English too as ''How Can I Go Now?'') and ''Marleen'', all of which were very successful in West Germany in the early and mid-1970s.

In 2004, Rosenberg re-released ''Marleen'' in a remixed version and with a new promotional video, the single reached #33 on the official German charts compiled by Media Control. The follow-up single ''Er Gehört Zu Mir'' reached #77. Both singles were taken from her 2004 disco concept album ''Für Immer Wie Heute'' which reached #12 on the German Album charts.

*1970 ''Mr. Paul McCartney''

*1971 ''Fremder Mann''

*1972 ''Er ist nicht wie du''

*1974 ''Wären Tränen aus Gold''

*1975 ''Er gehört zu mir''

*1975 ''Ich bin wie du''

*1976 ''Lieder der Nacht''

*1976 ''Marleen''

*1979 ''Wo ist Jane''

*1980 ''Ruf an!''

*1980 ''Ich hab' auf Liebe gesetzt''

*1982 ''Nur Sieger stehn im Lic

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