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Marion were a short-lived Britpop band from Macclesfield, Cheshire. Influenced by local stars like Joy Division, Buzzcocks and The Smiths, they were hailed as possible successors to the last-named but never achieved the success predicted for them, falling prey to the so-called "Curse of Morrissey" - Morrissey's praise and support for young bands were said to be fatal. Unfortunately, Jaime's well documented drug addiction got in the way of a very promising career. Jaime Harding and Phil Cunningham are currently working on new material having played their first live gig together as Marion in over 7 years on the 1st April 2006 in Bath. ==Band members=

  • Jaime Harding - lead singer
  • Phil Cunningham - guitar (now a member of New Order)
  • Tony Grantham - guitar (now a member of RYNA)
  • Murad Mousa - drums
  • Julian Phillips - bass guitar (replaced by Nick Gilbert)


  • This World and Body - (17th February 1996) #10 UK
  • The Program - 1998<...
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