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Mark Lowry

"Mark Lowry" (born June 24, 1958 in Houston, Texas) is an American evangelical Christian comedian and singer. From 1988 to 2001, he was the baritone in the Gaither Vocal Band.

Lowry attended Liberty University (called Liberty Baptist College at the time) from 1975 to 1980. He intended to get a business degree, but he felt God was calling him into the music business, and he ended up singing in many independent Baptist churches in the United States. Right after graduation, Lowry's agent, Roy Morgan, booked him in 43 cities in 41 days.

He began his comedian career serendipitously during this period. As he waited for the sound technician in the church to change the track, he would have several seconds of time to fill. As he recalls:

Lowry joined the Gaither Vocal Band in 1988 to fill the baritone position. He left the band in 2001, to be replaced by Russ Taff.

During the band's performances, Lowry's antics on stage were well received by the audiences, and they eventually became the highlight of the show. He has co-hosted more than sixty Gaither Homecoming videos with Bill Gaither, and has been Gaither's comic foil in many Homecoming concert dates — so ...

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