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Lene Marlin

"Lene Marlin Pedersen" (born August 17, 1980 in Tromsø, Norway) is a Norwegian acoustic singer-songwriter.

She had her Norwegian debut in 1998 with the music "Unforgivable Sinner" (released October 12, 1998) - it proved to be a huge hit as it reached number one and kept that position for eight weeks. It was also the fastest selling single in Norwegian music history, and appeared in the Norwegian movie ''Schpaaa'' soundtrack. It was followed by her first album ''Playing My Game''. She won an MTV-Europe award in 1999. Her single "Where I'm Headed", from the French film ''Mauvaises fréquentations'' topped the charts in France and Italy.

Her second album, ''Another Day'', was released on September 22, 2003. Her third album, ''Lost in a moment,'' was released in June, 2005. The first single from that album, "How Would It Be," was released in stores in Europe in May 2005.

Despite her lesser known success in other parts of the world, for her third album, ''Lost in a Moment'', Marlin made a trip to Taiwan and China during October 2005. A major reason for the trip was to promote a Taiwanese version of the album, which included one bonus track, ''Still Here''. This track was...

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