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Marmalade were a successful Scottish pop/rock group, originally fronted by the vocalist Dean Ford.

==Original Band Members=

  • Dean Ford - born Thomas McAleese? on 5 September, 1946, in Glasgow, Scotland - Lead Vocalist.
  • Junior Campbell - born William Campbell on 31 May, 1946, in Glasgow, Scotland - Instrumentalist / Vocalist.
  • Graham Knight - born John Graham Knight, on 8 December, 1946, in Glasgow, Scotland - Bassist
  • Pat Fairley - born Patrick Fairley on 14 April, 1946, in Glasgow, Scotland - Bassist / Guitarist.
  • Alan Whitehead - born 24 July, 1945, in Oswestry, Shropshire, England - Drummer.

Unusually they had two bass players, and were originally called Dean Ford & the Gaylords. They released several unsuccessful singles between 1964 and 1966 before changing their name. Their next few singles also failed to chart in Britain, although one "I See The Rain", was highly praised by Jimi Hendrix, and became a Top 40 hit in Holland in 1967.

Their label CBS threatened to drop them if they did not have a h...

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