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Marty Sampson

"Marty Sampson" (born 31 May 1979) is a Christian songwriter and a worship leader at the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. As a songwriter, Sampson has been notable for varying the melodies and lyrics of his compositions, avoiding the common cliches in Christian worship songs. About his personality, it his characteristic to be joyful and joker.

Sampson and Joel Houston (son of pastor Brian Houston) are worship leaders of Hillsong's youth group, Hillsong United.

Sampson has written over 40 songs for the live Hillsong Music and Hillsong United albums, including "By Your Side", "Now That You're Near", "Home", "All Day", "What the World Will Never Take", "There Is Nothing Like", "All I Need Is You", "Deeper", "Take It All" and "Fire Fall Down".

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Sampson, Marty

Sampson, Marty

Sampson, Marty

Sampson, Marty

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