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Matchbook Romance

"Matchbook Romance" is a pop-punk/alternative rock/emo band, from Poughkeepsie, New York, formed in 1997. It consists of Andrew Jordan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan "Judas" DePaolo (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ryan Kienle (bass), and Aaron Stern (drums). They released their first major album (''Stories and Alibis'') on Epitaph Records, spawning the singles "Promise" and "My Eyes Burn", as well as an EP (''West For Wishing'') on the same label, with the underground hit "The Greatest Fall Of All Time" (which just so happens to appear on the full length as well).

Matchbook Romance headlined the Epitaph Tour in early 2005, playing alongside their label mates Motion City Soundtrack, From First to Last, The Matches and Scatter the Ashes.

''Voices'', the band's second major album, was released on February 14, 2006, with the track ''Monsters'' as the first single. The video to the single can be viewed on the official website of the band.

*''West For Wishing EP'' (Epitaph Records, 2003)

*''Stories and Alibis'' (Epitaph Records, 2003)

*''Voices'' (Epitaph Records, 2006)


Compilations Matchbook Romance have featured on:

*''Take Action! Tour Sampl...

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