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Matt Sharp

Matt Sharp

"Matt Sharp" (born September 22, 1969 in Bangkok, Thailand) is the former bassist for the band Weezer. He has his own band, The Rentals, and has two solo releases.

*''Puckett's versus The Country Boy'' released: 2003

*''Matt Sharp'' released: 2004.

He was a founding member of Weezer in 1992. After the success of Weezer's first album The Blue Album, he founded The Rentals in the spring of 1994, who released their debut Return Of (The Rentals) the following year, which featured the radio hit "Friends Of P." He left Weezer in February 1998 after the release of the band's second album, Pinkerton.

The Rentals released their second album, Seven More Minutes, in 1999. Although critically praised, the album was not as successful as their first album. The Rentals stopped touring in 1999.

After a four year hiatus from the public eye, Sharp returned to the music scene with an acoustic tour in the fall of 2002, touring with former Cake guitarist Greg Brown.

Sharp filed a five-count federal lawsuit against Weezer on April 19, 2002. He alleged he was owed money for co-writing Weezer's first hit son...

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