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Matt Skiba

"Matthew Thomas Skiba" is the lead singer of Alkaline Trio. He has previously been a member of various bands including Jerkwater, Blunt. In 2002, Skiba recorded a split EP with Kevin Seconds. Now in 2006 Skiba has a new side project with the F-Minus bassist Joe Steinbrick. The band, named Heavens, will be debuting the album ''Patent Pending'' on September 12th.

Born in Chicago on February 24, 1976, he moved to the suburb of McHenry, Illinois at the age of three. Playing drums at an early age, his first concert was Public Image Ltd. But in 1996, whilst working as a bike messenger, he decided to take up the guitar. He then went on to form Alkaline Trio with drummer Glenn Porter and bassist Rob Doran. Matt Skiba is a vegan and holds a membership card to the church of satan.

He now resides in California with his wife, Monica Parker, whom he married on August 7th, 2005.

Skiba's latest project Heavens will release their debut album "Patent Pending"on Sept. 12, 2006.

Skiba remains the only original member of the Trio (they suffered several lineup changes that ultimately resulted in the addition of bassist Dan Andriano and drummer Derek Grant).

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