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Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is a gruff-voiced, Nashville-based singer-songwriter whose music can be roughly characterized as alt-country.

He was raised in Chester, Pennsylvania and at the age of 25 he recorded his first album, Mayday (released by A&M Records on September 23, 1997), which drew comparisons to Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen. A&M also released his second album in 2000, East Autumn Grin. Neither album met with much success, due mostly to the label's attempts to market Ryan's gritty, world-weary music towards fans of more accessible alt-pop.

After being dropped by A&M, Matthew Ryan resurfaced in 2001 on Will Kimbrough's Nashville label Waxy Silver with the stark Concussion, which featured a duet with Lucinda Williams. Over the next year Ryan released 2 limited pressing home-recordings on CD-r (Dissent From the Living Room and Hopeless to Hopeful) which he made available through his website. In 2003 he was again picked up by a large-distribution label, Hybrid, and released Regret Over the Wires. He self-released another album in December 2004, a 2-disc collection of live recordings and early tracks entitl...

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