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John McLaughlin

thumb|John McLaughlin during a Shakti concert

"John McLaughlin" (born January 4, 1942), also "Mahavishnu John McLaughlin", is a jazz fusion guitar player from Doncaster, Yorkshire in England. He came to prominence with the electric group of Miles Davis in the late 1960s, and with other well-known players such as Chick Corea and Tony Williams.

Before moving to the United States, McLaughlin recorded ''Extrapolation'' (with Tony Oxley and John Surman) in 1969. The album showcased McLaughlin as a guitarist of great technical virtuosity, power, speed, and inventiveness (such as the ability to play in odd meters).

He moved to the United States in 1969 to join Tony Williams's group Lifetime. He subsequently played with Miles Davis on his landmark albums ''In A Silent Way'', ''Bitches Brew'' (which has a track named after him), ''Big Fun'' (where he is featured soloist on ''Go Ahead John'') and ''A Tribute to Jack Johnson'' -- Davis paid tribute to him in the liner notes to ''Jack Johnson'', calling McLaughlin's playing "far in". He returned to the Davis band for one recorded night of a week-long club date, which was released as part of the album ''Live/Evil''.

His repu...

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