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Anna Pernilla Bäckman (born Nynäshamn, Stockholms län, 12 February 1969), commonly known as Meja, is a Swedish composer and singer. Among her best known songs are "All 'bout the Money" and "Private Emotion" (duet with Ricky Martin). Her single "How Crazy are You?" was used as the main theme music for the Xbox video game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

  • Meja (1996)
  • Live in Japan (1997)
  • Seven Sisters (1998)
  • The Flower Girl Jam
  • My Best
  • Realitales (2001)
  • Mellow (2004)
  • The Nu Essential (2005)
  • ''Bohemian Behaviour (to be released)(2006)

= *"How Crazy are You?" *"Rainbow" *"All 'bout the Money" *"Intimacy" *"Pop and Television" *"Lay Me Down" *"Hippies in the 60's" *"Spirits" *"Private Emotion" (with Ricky Martin) *"Wake up call" *"Life is a river"


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