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< Image with unknown copyright status removed: right|frame|mellowdrone, 2005. photo: Sean McCabe? -->

Mellowdrone is a "crisp" music project founded by Jonathan Bates in the late 1990s. The style varies from soul, hardcore, indie rock, and electronic genres.

== Members =

  • Jonathan Bates (lead vocals/guitar)
  • Tony DeMatteo? (guitar)
  • Cami Gutierrez (bass/keyboards/vocals)
  • Brian Borg (drums)

Former members:

  • Greg Griffith (bass)
  • Scot Ellis (drums)1

== Discography =

*...boredom never sounded so sweet ep (1999) *glassblower ep (2001) *a demonstration of intellectual property ep (2003) *go get 'em tiger ep (2004) *box (2006)

==External links=

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