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Merril Bainbridge

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"Merril Bainbridge" (born June 2 1968) is an Australian singer of pop music based in Melbourne. She is best remembered for her 1996 hit, "Mouth," from her album ''The Garden,'' (Universal Records) which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After six years of performing in a variety of bands in Australia, and doing backup vocal work in exchange for studio time, Bainbridge began a solo career under the tutelage of producer Siew. "Mouth," an amiable pop song about relationships, was released in Australia in 1994. It was not an immediate success, however when rereleased in 1995, it reached number one on the singles chart, where it remained for six weeks. The album, ''The Garden'' was certified double platinum in Australia.


* ''The Garden'' (1995) - #5 Australia (2x Platinum), #101 United States.

* ''Between The Days (1998)


* "Girl Next Door" (2002)

"From ''The Garden'':"

* "Mouth" (1995) - #1 Australia (Platinum), #4 United States (Gold), #51 United Kingdom

* "Under The Water" (1995) - #3 Australia, #91 United States.

* "Power Of One" (1995)

* "Sleeping Dogs" (1996)

"From ''Between The Days

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