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Reinhard Mey

"Reinhard Friedrich Michael Mey" (born December 21, 1942, Berlin) is a German singer-songwriter, also known as a Liedermacher. In France he is known as ''Frédérik Mey''.

Reinhard Mey was born on December 21, 1942 in Berlin, where he spent his childhood. At the age of 12 he had his first piano lesson and at the age of 14 he got his first guitar. He taught himself how to play on a trumpet.

During his school years he gained stage experience by performing Skiffle music with friends. In 1965 Mey was offered the chance to perform at a Liedermacher festival at Burg Waldeck, a converted castle ruin. This led to his first recording contract. In 1961 the group "Les Trois Affamés" with Schobert Scholz was formed.

In 1963 Mey graduated from the French Gymnasium in Berlin, receiving the German Abitur as well as the French Baccalauréat, and thereafter began vocational training as an industrial trader at Schering AG Berlin. He broke off his university studies in economics in order to dedicate himself fully to songwriting and singing, and has been a successful performer in Germany, in France and in the Netherlands ever since. He has written songs in German, French and Dutc...

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