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Michel Rivard

"Michel Rivard" is one of the most talented and creative artists to have come out of the Provence of Quebec. He was born in Montreal in 1951. His father was the comedian Paul Rivard. Michel began his career at an early age appearing in a Canadian television series and in TV commercials.

His career as a writer and composer began in earnest when he became a member of the theatrical group Quenouille Bleue, (Blue Distaff), established in 1970. Later, he became a member of Théâtre Sainfoin, when it was founded in 1973.

Four years later in 1974 Rivard and other members of Théâtre Sainfoin, formed the group Beau Dommage (an old Québécois expression meaning “Why Not). Rivard wrote and composed for Beau Dommage. Beau Dommage became a very popular group, and as a result of his song writing ability Rivard's popularity increase as well. Perhaps his most popular song from this era is “'Complainte du phoque en Alaska” (“Lament of a Seal in Alaska”). Although Beau Dommage disbanded in 1978 there were reunion concerts in 1984 and 1994, both of which Rivard participated in. Characteristic of Rivard’s creative energy, he also put out his first solo album in 1977, Mé...

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