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Mike Ness

"Mike Ness" (born "Michael James Ness") (born April 3, 1962) is a guitarist, vocalist, and chief song writer for the punk rock band Social Distortion. As of Dennis Danell's death in 2000, he is the sole original member of the band.


Ness was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts and raised in Orange County, California. Kicked out of his parents' home in Fullerton at the age of fifteen, he dabbled in drugs and petty crime, involving himself in the punk scene and founding Social Distortion in 1978. The band released the ''Mainliner/Playpen'' 7" record with their indie label, Posh Boy Records in 1981. The following year, they relased the album ''Mommy's Little Monster'' (1982) with 13th Floor Records, another of Ness' indie labels.

By this time, Ness's drug addiction and self-destructive behavior had deepened to the point that the band almost broke up. The turmoil was captured on a video, ''Another State of Mind'', which chronicled a cross-country tour. Five years passed before Social Distortion released their next album, 1988's ''Prison Bound'', on Restless Records but Ness emerged from the time off free of his addictions and ready to work.


In 1989, Social Distor...

Background khaki
Born April 3, 1962
Origin Lynn, Massachusetts, United States
Death still alive
Genre Punk rock
Occupation Musician
Years active 1978 to date
Instrument Guitar
First album ''Cheating at Solitare'' (1999)
Latest album ''Under the Influences'' (1999)
Associated acts Social Distortion
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source: Wikipedia