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Mike Park

"Mike Park" is a Korean American musician and progressive activist. His musical ventures include Skankin' Pickle for whom he played saxophone, The Chinkees, The Bruce Lee Band and most recently an acoustic solo project under his own name. After his time with Skankin' Pickle he went on to found Asian Man Records, a label which he has successfully run out of his garage in California since 1996 with only minimal help from his parents and friends. Asian Man Records supports mostly ska and punk bands. Park will support any band as long as it is "anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-prejudice". Park has used Asian Man Records to release his own music, in addition to providing a start for smaller bands to allow them to grow, including Less Than Jake, Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms. Park strives to offer affordable music and rejects mega-chains who overcharge for CDs. Park's most important goal though is to end hate and hate crimes. Because of his strong convictions, in 1999 he formed the Plea for Peace Foundation an organization whose aim is "to promote the ideas of peace through the power of music", something which Park has been trying to do with his own bands and with the help...
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