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A "mission", from the Latin word ''missum'' (meaning "sent"), is defined as a duty that involves fulfilling a request. "Mission" may also refer to:

* Space mission, a physical exploration of outer space objects (see space exploration)

* Diplomatic mission, a diplomatic outpost in a foreign territory

* Christian mission, a movement or outpost of Christian proclamation of the faith

* Mormon missions, movements established by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in which its Mormon missionaries proselytize.

* The geographic region they proselytize in is also called a Mission

* Mission (station), a name for the location of missionary practice, often associated with the displacement of local people during the process of colonisation

"Mission" is often used to refer to the outposts established as instruments of colonization by Spanish friars throughout much of the New World.

* Mission District of San Francisco, California, derives its name from such an establishment, the Mission San Francisco de Asís. See also Spanish missions in California and Spanish missions in Mexico, among others

* Mission High School (San Francisco) in San Francisco, near the M...

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