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"Mistress" are a sludge metal band from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. The members of this five-piece band adopt pseudonyms as stage-names including: Drunken and Misery on guitars, Dirty Von Arse on bass, Dave Cunt on vocals and Migg on drums. Dave Cunt (aka Dave Hunt) is also a member of Anaal Nathrakh and Migg (aka Mick Kenney) is in several other bands, including Anaal Nathrakh, Exploder and Frost.

The band formed at the end of the 1990s in Birmingham and began playing their own take on the vitriolic Iron Monkey / Eyehategod sludge sound. The band became noted for their offensive, yet intellectual lyrics and incredibly heavy, dirty, downtuned sound.

In 2001, Mistress released two demos, entitled ''Fuck Off'' and ''Lord Worm'', which got them signed to the underground Rage of Achilles extreme music label. Their first full-length album for the record label was the self-titled ''Mistress'' in April 2002, which received broadly good reviews from extreme music publications. The follow-up to this, October 2003's ''Mistress II: The Chronovisor'', helped to more firmly establish them as a metal band, along with their growing live reputation.

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years active 1999 - present
origin Birmingham
country United Kingdom
music genre Sludge Metal
current members Misery (musician)
website Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia