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Mithotyn was a Viking Metal band hailing from Sweden. 1< 1 -->

Formed in 1993, Mithotyn did not release an album until 1997. Much of the material featured on the three albums of their career was previously composed or featured on one of the previous demos. In 1997, the group released two albums, In The Sign Of The Ravens followed by King Of The Distant Forest. Mithotyn officially dissolved in 1999, Stefan Weinerhall and Karsten Larsson currently play in the band Falconer.


  • Rickard Martinsson - Vocals / Bass
  • Stefan Weinerhall - Guitars
  • Karl Beckmann - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Karsten Larsson - Drums

  • Helene Blad - Vocals
  • Christian Schütz - Vocals / Bass

  • In The Sign Of The Ravens - 1997
  • King Of The Distant Forest - 1997
  • Gathered Around The Oaken Table - 1999

  • In the Dead of Night - 1993
  • Behold the shields of...
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