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Modern Day Zero

Modern Day Zero

"Modern Day Zero" is a rock band based in St. Louis, Missouri. Formerly called "Mesh"—changed to "Mesh Stl" after the name-conflict with Mesh—the band renamed and restarted as Modern Day Zero, meaning "starting all over again. Every day begins anew and you start from zero," according to guitarist Rock Davis. Their single "Sick Inside" from their first album "Coming Up For Air" spent eight weeks as the most-requested song on St. Louis-area alternative rock radio station KPNT. Modern Day Zero has had songs included on videogames "EA Sports NHL" and "NASCAR Thunder 2004" and has toured with bands such as Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, Velvet Revolver, and Hoobastank.

*Coming Up For Air (2004)

*Down EP (2003)

*Lowercase (2001)

*Lowercase (independent release)(2001)

*Ripple Effect (1998)

*2005: Sick Inside

*2005: Broken

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* Independent Artists Company profile

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