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"Moneen" is a punk band from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The spelling of the band's name can also appear as ".moneen." which has appeared that way on various t-shirt designs and posters.

The band formed in 1999 after the dissolution of another band called "Perfectly Normal". The band's original bass player Mark Bowser was replaced by Chris Slorach, who then left the band after the release of The Theory of Harmonial Value. Erick Hughes later became the permanent bass player for the band.

"Moneen" released their first two albums on Smallman Records and later signed on to Vagrant Records. Smallman Records still distributes their albums in Canada. In 2005 they released a split EP with Alexisonfire on "Dine Alone Records" where each band covered two of each others songs, plus an original song. Their new album The Red Tree was released on April 11, 2006.

In 2005 director Alex Liu followed the band through the recording process for their new album to document the process. Liu plans to release the documentary titled "The Start To This May Be The End To Another". A release date has not been set for the film, though the EPK for the film, viewable on the bands myspace states ...

years active 2000 – Present
origin Canada
music genre Rock (music)
current members Kenny Bridges
Chris 'The Hippy' Hughes
Peter Krpan
Erik Hughes
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia