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Mono Puff

Mono Puff

"Mono Puff" was a New York City band and a side project of John Flansburgh, one-half of the musical duo They Might Be Giants.

The main band consisted of Flansburgh, the vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and songwriter; bassist Hal Cragin; and drummer Steve Calhoon of Skeleton Key. Various guest musicians supplemented the trio, notably Mark Feldman, Yuval Gabay, Ghost Krabb, Sugar Puff, Elina Löwensohn, Robin Goldwasser (Referred to as Sister Puff), Ammonia D, Trini Lopez, Jay Sherman-Godfrey, Jim O'Connor, Phil Hernandez, Frank London, Eric Schermerhorn, and Mike Viola.

As of 2004, Mono Puff appears to be finished or on hiatus, due to Cragin's moving away from the New York area.

*''John Flansburgh's Mono Puff'' EP (1995)

*''Unsupervised'' (1996)

*''The Hal Cragin Years'' EP (1996)

*''The Steve Calhoon Years'' EP (1996)

*''The Devil Went Down To Newport'' EP (1998)

*''It's Fun to Steal'' (1998)

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