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The Monroes is a name that has been used by (at least) three bands.

  • The San Diego-based New Wave band best known for "What Do All The People Know"
  • The Norwegian rock music band best known for "Sunday People"
  • A Dutch punk band.

The Monroes is a name shared by two television series.

  • The 1966 series starring Michael Anderson, Jr. and Barbara Hershey concerning the efforts of a group of orphaned siblings to survive as a family in the early days of the West.
  • The 1995 ABC series starring Susan Sullivan and William Devane centered on a political family modeled on the Kennedy family. As of May 2005 the series reran on the Soapnet cable channel.

television series|Monroes television series|Monroes Monroes network shows|Monroes TV shows in the United States|Monroes TV shows in the United States|Monroes series by Warner Bros. Television|Monroes series by Fox Television Studios

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