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Patsy Montana

"Ruby(e) Blevins"(she added the "e" herself later in life) aka "Patsy Montana" (30 October 1908–3 May 1996) was an American country music singer-songwriter and the first female country music performer to sell one million records.

Rubye Blevins was born at Beaudry, Arkansas on 30 October 1914 and grew up near Hope, Arkansas. Beaudry no longer exists, but it's current grandson, Jessieville, has a street dedicated to the once sighing town. "Ruby" notoriously ran barefoot all through Beaudry, with its small twining streams and mysterious mountain hills and woods, playing with neighbors, cousins and brothers. Blevins had ten siblings, all of them boys, however two died before puberty, from a fire accident.

In 1929 Blevins went to California to study violin at the University of the West. She won a local talent contest with her singing, yodelling, and playing the guitar and first prize was an opportunity to play on the Hollywood Breakfast Club radio program.

In the summer of 1933 Blevins went with two of her brothers to the Chicago World's Fair. The trips mission was to enter a large prize watermelon the Blevins' had raised, and Rubye was invited to go, mainly to meet...

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