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Mooney Suzuki

"The Mooney Suzuki" is a rock and roll band formed in 1996. They have released four albums, ''The Mooney Suzuki'', ''People Get Ready'', ''Electric Sweat'', and ''Alive & Amplified''. The band's sound can be described as hard-edged neo-glam rock meets garage rock, along the lines of Hanoi Rocks.

Their name is taken from the first two singers of the 1970s German Krautrock band Can: Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki.

The band was featured in the Madden 2005 soundtrack, with their song "Alive and Amplified", as well as the Burnout 3 soundtrack, with "Shake that Bush Again." The band is now the signature artist for the Suzuki brand (the automaker). An edited "Alive and Amplified" appears on all Suzuki commericals, pun intended. The ad placement has helped keep the band on the map.

"Alive and Amplified" was featured once again in the 2006 remake of ''Fun with Dick and Jane'', as well as the 2006 film ''Grandma's Boy''. The band composed the original songs performed by Jack Black and the Kids for the movie ''School of Rock''.

The band is currently in the studio recording their next album due out on V2 Records in 2006.

*Sammy James, Jr. - lead vocals, rhythm gui...

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