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Moonstar 88

"Moonstar 88" is one of the famous female-fronted bands in the Philippine local music scene. They started out like most indie bands, who submitted a demo CD to different record companies, but one company took them in: Alpha Records. Two of their members, Acel Bisa (former lead vocalist) and Paolo Bernaldo used to be with the band Orphan Lily in the mid 1990's.

Currently they have 2 albums, ''Popcorn'', ''Press to Play'', and one collaborated track, ''Pag-Ibig Ko Sa Iyo'', which is found in the ''RoK On! Music Inspired By Ragnarok Online''.

*Maychelle Baay (Lemon Tears) - vocals/guitars

*Paolo Bernardo (Orphan Lily) - bass

*Bon Sundiang (Chocolate Beef) - drums

*Herbert Hernandez (Angel in Disguise) - guitars

Former members:

*Acel Bisa

*William Pineda

*Teng Marcelo

*2000-Popcorn (Alpha Records)

*2002-Press to Play (Alpha Records)

*2005-RoK On! Music Inspired By Ragnarok Online (collaboration)

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