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Thurston Moore

"Thurston Joseph Moore" (born July 25, 1958 in Coral Gables, Florida) is an American musician best known as a singer and guitarist for Sonic Youth.

Moore was born in Coral Gables, Florida and was raised in Bethel, Connecticut. Although he enrolled at Western Connecticut State University, he opted to move to New York City instead. There he learned to play guitar from Glenn Branca and soon co-founded Sonic Youth, serving as the band's guitarist and lead vocalist.

In 1984, he married Sonic Youth bassist, guitarist and vocalist Kim Gordon, with whom he has a daughter, Coco Hayley Gordon Moore. He is known for playing Fender Jazzmaster guitars along with a host of other Fender models like the Mustang and Jaguar. He is well known for being very harsh on his instruments.

In addition to his work with Sonic Youth, Moore has also released albums as a solo artist, including 1995's ''Psychic Hearts''. He has collaborated with scores of artists, including DJ Spooky, Nels Cline, William Hooker, Christian Marclay, R.E.M. and Cock E.S.P. In the mid-90's Moore formed a side band, The Dim Stars, with punk legend Richard Hell. In 2004, Moore performed in and produced...

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