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Gianni Morandi

Gianni Morandi (born December 11, 1944) is an Italian pop singer and entertainer. Born Gian Luigi Morandi in Monghidoro, Italy, he became of the best-known show-business personalities in Italy of the past four decades. He made his debut in 1962 and quickly placed high at or won a number of Italian popular song festivals, including the Canzonissima festival in 1969. His career went into a decline in the 1970s but underwent a revival in the 1980s. He won the Festival of San Remo in 1987, placed second in 1995 and third in 2000. It is estimated that Morandi has sold 30 million records and CDs. He has written a number of autobiographical books and appeared in 18 films.

Morandi, Gianni Morandi, Gianni Morandi, Gianni of Emilia-Romagna|Morandi, Gianni

Morandi Morandi Morandi Morandi

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