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Morning Runner

"Morning Runner" are an alternative rock band from Reading. They released their debut album, ''Wilderness Is Paradise Now'', in March 2006, following top 20 single "Burning Benches".

Morning Runner met in Reading, Berkshire, while in different bands. Pianist Chris "Fields" Wheatcroft came to Reading from Salisbury, where he had dropped out of his classical music course, and singer/guitarist Matthew Greener moved there with his parents in his early teens. Ali Clewer, drummer, and bassist Tom Derrett are from Reading originally.

Greener began as a drummer in another band, writing a lot of their material himself. Frustrated, he left to perform solo, until one night a local promoter asked him to play again with his band. Greener agreed, without admitting he did not have a band, so hurriedly recruited Derrett and Clewer, who were previously members of the Reading band ''Jericho''.

At their debut performance, future band member Fields enjoyed the freshness of what he saw. It had previously been suggested that he join the band and so he did. Although Greener was initially reluctant to add a pianist to the band, Fields has been credited by Derrett with introducing the...

years active 2003–present
origin Reading, Berkshire
status Active
music genre Alternative Rock
current members Matthew Greener
Tom Derrett
Chris Wheatcroft
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia