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Mortal Treason

"Mortal Treason" was a Christian metalcore band from Hartselle, Alabama. They released two albums under Flicker Records. Their first album was titled ''A Call to The Martyrs'' and had more of a traditional metalcore style. Their second album was titled ''Sunrise Over A Sea of Blood'' and had a great death/black metal sound to it. The band has of late split up, members of the band said that they believed "God has something else planned for us", but there were also rumors of label problems.

There is a rumor about a Mortal Treason reunion show at the Cornerstone 2006 Music Festival, but it is still uncertain due to the ex-members' involvements with other bands and contact problems. Also, the band's website is no longer active and is currently for sale.

After Mortal Treason called it quits, T.J. Alford joined as bassist for War of Ages (A Hardcore/Metalcore band Mortal Treason toured with in latter 2005). Steve Robinson joined the band Materia Medica.

* A Call To the Martyrs (2004) (Flicker Records)

* Sunrise Over A Sea Of Blood (2005) (Flicker Records)

* Seth Kimbrough - vocals (2004-2006)

* Josh Jarret - guitar (2004-2006)

* Adam Wright - guitar ...

years active 2001 – 2006
origin Hartselle, Alabama
music genre Metalcore
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia