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| color = pink

| name = Mouse

| fossil_range = Late Miocene - Recent

| image = house_mouse.jpg

| image_width = 250px

| image_caption = House mouse, ''Mus musculus''

| regnum = Animalia

| phylum = Chordata

| classis = Mammalia

| ordo = Rodentia

| superfamilia = Muroidea

| familia = Muridae

| subfamilia = Murinae

| genus = "''Mus"''

| genus_authority = Linnaeus, 1758


A "mouse" (Plural "mice") is a mammal that belongs to one of numerous species of small rodents.

The best known mouse species is the common house mouse (''Mus musculus''). It is found in nearly all countries and, as the laboratory mouse, serves as an important model organism in biology; it is also a popular pet. (Non-biologists often use the term "mouse" synonymously with "''Mus musculus''"). The American white-footed mouse (''Peromyscus leucopus'') and the deer mouse (''Peromyscus maniculatus'') also sometimes live in houses. These species of mice live commensally with humans. Although they may live up to two years in the lab, the average mouse in the wild lives only 3...

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