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Mucky Pup

"Mucky Pup" began as a hardcore band formed in Bergenfield, New Jersey in 1985, when brothers John (drums) and Chris (vocals) Milnes joined up with Dan Nastasi (guitar) and former Hades member, Scott LePage (bass). The band went through various incarnations and several musical style changes while gaining minor success in both the USA and Europe. Arguably, their breakthrough moment occurred when Berke Breathed picked their songwriting contest entry for release with a 1987 ''Bloom County'' comic strip compilation. However, their European success, based on strong tours and charting for the 1989 ''A Boy in a Man's World'' album, surpassed all recognition achieved in their home country.

The band recorded two demos, ''Live And Mucky'' and ''Greatest Hits'', which sold a combined amount of over 1200 copies. The band would also play "Battle of the Bands" competitions in and around New Jersey. It was during one such event in 1986, while playing with the band Trixter at the Paramus, New Jersey roller rink, that a representative from Torrid Records first saw the band. The band was offered a record contract and several weeks later, they signed their first record deal with the independ...

years active 1985–1996
status Disbanded
country Bergenfield, New Jersey United States
music genre Crossover (music)
past members Chris Milnes
John Milnes
Dan Nastasi
Scott LePage
Dave Neabore
Sean Patrick Kilkenny
Marc DeBacker
Bill Bergmann
Kevin Powers
Glenn Cummings
Eric Van Steenburg
Joe Mama
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source: Wikipedia