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Michael Martin Murphey

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"Michael Martin Murphey" (born March 13, 1945 in Dallas, Texas) is a successful American country singer/songwriter whose biggest hit was "Wildfire" in 1975, produced by Bob Johnston. He was associated with the outlaw country movement. Murphey currently lives in Westby, WI, with interests in New Mexico and Texas.

Having been influenced by gospel music at an early age, Murphey aspired to become a Baptist minister. From 1965-70, as a staff songwriter for Screen Gems, Murphey was writing theme tunes and soundtrack material for television. He grew disillusioned with the poor financial rewards, and left. For a short time he was a member of the Lewis And Clarke Expedition, which he formed with Owen Castleman, before going solo. ''Geronimo's Cadillac'' was produced in Nashville by Bob Johnston, who was responsible for Murphey's signing with A&M Records. The title track was released as a single, and achieved a Top 40 place in the USA pop charts. As well as folk, country and blues, Murphey's early gospel leanings are evident in the overall sound of what is an excellent album. He signed to Epic Records in 1973 after releasing ''Cosmic Cowboy Souv...

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