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My Dying Bride

"My Dying Bride" are a British doom/death metal band formed in 1990.

In 1989, they were known as "Abiosis", then in 1990 they changed thair name and became known as My Dying Bride, following the release of one demo tape "Noxious Emanation".

During the early 1990s My Dying Bride were part of what was known as the death/doom ''Great Three'' with Paradise Lost and Anathema - all three bands hailing from England.

Their music is characterised by romantic, sensual lyrics and an obsessive attention to atmospheric detail. Early demos were death metal in a traditional sense, though much slower than most. However, their debut album ''As The Flower Withers'' saw the addition of violins and keyboards. ''Turn Loose the Swans'' built on that foundation, utilising clean as well as death grunts and, unusually, lead violin on several tracks. ''Trinity'' is a compilation of the three early EPs and a 7". ''The Angel and the Dark River'' saw the abandonment of death grunts altogether and added a more gothic feel to the songs. ''Like Gods of the Sun'' continiued in that direction.

The highly experimental ''34.788%... Complete'' was widely regarded as an extreme detour from the ...

years active 1990—present
origin Halifax, West Yorkshire
country United Kingdom
music genre Death metal
Doom metal
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source: Wikipedia